Updating School District Contract Schedule

Rebekkah Shaw General Retention Schedules, Records Management

School District schedule 14-10 is being overwritten by state schedule 13-18. If you go to the school district schedule on our website, it will be hyperlinked to the new schedule. Retention is now one year longer. Don’t worry if you have already destroyed records per the old schedule. Please update your records so the updated retention will be followed from this point going forward. If you wish to keep the previous retention for your record series, please contact your analyst.  Below is the old schedule, then the new one. If you have any questions, please call us at 801-531-3863.


These files document wage and benefit negotiations between the district and local labor representatives for both certified and classified employees. They include each proposal and counter-proposal, request and response, final charge, negotiated agreement and salary and benefit package.
Retention: Retain for 6 years after expiration of contracts and then destroy.
Suggested Primary Designation: Protected.
(Approved 09/1993)


These records document contractual agreements for products or services. Records may include preliminary requirements, contractor payroll records, bids, and the signed contract.
Retention: Retain for 7 years after the project completed and warranties expire, and then destroy.
(Approved 08/2015)