Spotlight on Kathy James, American Leadership Academy’s Records Officer

Rebekkah Shaw Records Management, Records Officer Spotlights

Meet Kathy James, Records Manager, and registrar for American Leadership Academy. Carol has been managing the school’s records for 8 years.

Jordan said “I am the registrar here at the academy. Part of my job is to collect, record, and store official documents for each of our 1,800 students. I also am responsible to make sure that there are multiple sources to store this data; paper copies in individual folders, CD, flash drive, etc. and to make sure that they are securely stored onsite and offsite in case of disaster. Records management is the primary role of my job, but I love that it also allows me to personally meet each student that enrolls and their parent/ guardian.”


When she started, she tackled a records management project in an exciting way. “When I first became the registrar I was eager to learn everything I could about the correct way to handle records. I attended any class or training I could find. I discovered that we had been storing much more than is required so I began the task of going through the CUM files of every student that has ever enrolled and then exited the academy (sometimes known as “dead files”). This is a very time-consuming project that is still ongoing. Four years ago I also began taking all unnecessary paperwork out of the cumulative folders of our seniors. I place these papers in an envelope that is given to the students at graduation. Some of this material has been stored in the folder since Kindergarten, along with school pictures so it is very fun to watch their faces in discovery of past memories.”

Favorite part of the job: “My favorite part of my job is PEOPLE! I love my co-workers, teachers, the students, parents, personnel from other schools, the “shred guy”, just about anyone who walks through my door. Smiles are contagious.”

Advice to other AROs: “Definitely use every tool to educate yourself on what to store, what NOT to store, and how to dispose of unnecessary data that you are entrusted to keep secure.”

Another tidbit to share: “The State of Utah offers opportunities for training in record keeping, archiving and destruction of records. These meetings are informative and organized so that my time is never wasted for making the effort to attend.”

From the Executive Director

Rich Morley,  Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Director of American Leadership Academy, had this to say:

“Mrs. James is the registrar for American Leadership Academy. Mrs. James handles all of the student records for our 1770 students and always does so with a smile. It is common to find Mrs. James at the school late at night working on files to ensure all of our students needs are met. Mrs. James enjoys taking students on tours of our school and always has something nice to say about every faculty member. Mrs. James epitomizes the slogan customer service with a smile. We don’t know what we would do without Kathy James as a part of our organization. Everyone loves her! ”

Thanks for your dedication and hard work, Kathy James!