Classification of Voter Registration Records: Public, Private, and Protected

Rosemary Cundiff News and Events, Open Government

With an election coming up and recent changes in the law, it may be time to think about the classification of voter registration records. Parts of voter registration records are public, other parts are private, some are entirely private, and signatures are protected as outlined below:

Private (Utah Code Section 63G-2-302(j)):

  • Driver license or identification number
  • Social Security number or last four digits
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth

Public (Utah Code Section 63G-2-301(2)(l):

  • Voting history, and all other parts of the record not otherwise specified.

Except that entire voter registration record is private for the following individuals (Utah Code Section 63G-2-302(k-m)):

  • A pre-registered voter who is under the age of 18
  • An individual who requested their voter registration record to be private prior to May 12, 2020
  • An individual whose record is designated as private due to their submission of a withholding request.

Protected (Utah Code Section 63G-2-305.5 and 305(77)):

  • Signature

Except for the individuals whose entire voter registration record is private, signatures on voter registration records can be viewed but copies or images cannot be provided to the public.