2023 Year in Review

Lauren Katz News and Events

Here at Utah State Archives, our goal is to ensure the ongoing care and management of the public records that we hold in trust for the citizens of Utah. As we end another year, we take a moment to reflect and share our wins over the past twelve months. In 2023 our staff…

  • Processed over 237 cubic feet of historical records for enhanced public access.
  • Added over 62,800 new images to the Digital Archives, bringing the overall total number of items available online for 24/7 access to over 1.7 million records!
  • Reformatted over 1.4 million images of permanent records.
  • Identified and transferred 1,228 gigabytes of digital information from government agencies for permanent preservation and access.
  • Conducted 62 site visits to governmental agencies around the state to share and grow knowledge and skills around the management and preservation of records.
  • Created 44 new finding aids and updated an additional 72. 
  • Answered over 2,800 public reference requests through our Reference Room.
  • Approved 68 retention schedules through the Records Management Committee.
  • Mediated 57 record disputes with the help of the Government Records Ombudsman.
  • Certified 1,200 records officers across the state who manage and provide access to their agency’s records.
  • Received over 5,500 boxes of inactive records from Utah’s governmental agencies for storage in our State Records Center.
  • Mentored 8 interns through our competitive, paid internship program.

This year we also said goodbye to a long-time colleague, welcomed three new staff members, and continued to work closely with our Government Operations Department leaders. We look forward to building on the successes of 2023 in the new year!