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Sign up as a new records officer (or other role)

Go to the Records Officer Hub.

Log in to Utah ID as prompted. (Visit to set up a Utah ID.)

If you’re a new records officer and aren’t yet in our system, the first time you visit the Records Officer Hub, it will look like this:

Screenshot of Records Officer Hub with one button available to select, which says "Add yourself to an entity."

Select Add Yourself to an Entity.

Verify that you’re logged in as yourself:

Screenshot showing welcome text with the user's name: "Welcome, Kendra Yates. Tell us who you work for and what your role is."

Select all roles that apply to you. Tap or hover over the “i” icon next to each role to see the explanation:

Closeup screenshot of "i" icon with hover text describing that the Records Officer Designee (ROD) is authorized to send and recall records to and from the State Records Center in Clearfield.

There are two separate records officer roles: one for records management, one for records access. Most appointed records officers (AROs) will select both.

Screenshot showing various roles, including two separate roles for appointed records officers (GRAMA and records management).

Once you’ve selected your role(s), the entity search will appear:

Screenshot showing the "Select Entity" tool under the list of roles (one of which is selected).

Search for your entity. Once you have the correct entity showing, assign yourself to it by selecting Apply Role(s).

Screenshot showing the search interface. The search term "municipal test police department" has been entered and the results show an entity called "Municipal Test Police Department."

The button will turn green and you’ll get a popup message saying you were successful:

Screenshot showing pop-up message of "Success; Role(s) created" and the button by the entity now is green and reads "Applied."

If you see an error message, please contact us at or 801-531-3863 for help.

Screenshot of error message which says "Error Applying Role; List index out of bounds: 0."

Once you’re finished assigning yourself to entities, select RETURN to return to the Records Officer Hub:

Screenshot showing "Return" button at bottom of screen and "Return" link at top of screen.

You can verify your assignments by selecting VIEW OR EDIT ALL CONTACTS in the Records Officer Hub:

Screenshot of Records Officer Hub, with the "View or edit all contacts" button circled.
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