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Verify Your Records Officer Certification

There are three different ways to look up your certification.

1. Check your email

After successfully completing the Records Officer Certification assessment, a copy of your certificate is emailed to you.

Check in your email for a message with the subject line “Learning Completed: Records Officer Certification Course,” sent from

Screenshot of an email confirming the recipient's successful completion of the certification course, including an attached PDF certificate.

2. Check the Records Officer Lookup

Go to (also linked to from our header, under Open Government > Certified Records Officers).

You can search by entity name or by record officer’s name. Your certification status is displayed below your name:

Screenshot of the Records Officer Lookup with two records officers circled to show how the certification dates appear.

This same records officer lookup is available from the Records Officer Hub (requires login).

Screenshot of Records Officer Hub with the "Lookup Certification Date" button circled.

Non-records officers who choose to complete the Records Officer Certification Course are not displayed on the certified records officer lookup.

3. Check the Utah Learning Portal

To see the most complete record of your certification, including your certificate of achievement and test history, go to the “Records Officer Certification Course” in the Utah Learning Portal by selecting Take Certification Test in the Records Officer Hub:

Screenshot of Records Officer Hub with "Take Certification Test" button circled.

You’ll see the assigned “Records Officer Certification Course” with a status of “Successful” and an option to “Print Certificate”:

Screenshot of "Records Officer Certification Course" within the Utah Learning Portal, with the button to "Print Certificate" circled.

If you need help, please contact us at or 801-531-3863.

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