County General Retention Schedule Updates

Rebekkah Shaw General Retention Schedules, Records Management

Listed here are three retention schedules to be overwritten by the updated Publications general retention schedule. They will be hyperlinked to the new schedule on our website.

Please update your records so the updated retention will be followed from this point going forward. Below is the updated schedule, then the schedules being removed from the  general retention schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 801-531-3863.

Updated Schedule:

Publications (SG 1-25)
Any record, regardless of format, that is issued by a governmental entity for public distribution at the total or partial expense of that governmental entity. See Utah Code Section 9-7-101 8(a)(b) (2010) and 9-7-208 (2006).
Retention:  Permanent. Creating agency shall transfer preservation copy(ies) to State Archives and access copy(ies) to the State Library. (Approved 10/2013)

Schedules to be replaced:

Senior Center Annual Report (CO 19-14)
This report is submitted to the local aging and adult services administrative office on senior center activities. It compares the current year’s activities with the previous year’s. It is used for future planning.
Retention: Permanent. May be transferred to State Archives, if information is not compiled in an aging and adult services annual report.  (Approved 12/1992)

Annual Report (CO 24-2)
This is an annual report by the library directors required by Utah Code 9-7-506(1) (1995) “to the county governing body on the condition and operation of the library, including a financial statement.” It is also used to inform the general public regarding the operations of the library. The report includes budget figures both income and expenditure, circulation and other figures, and may include a brief description of the previous year’s activities.
Retention: Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives. (Approved 12/1993)

Patron Assistance Publications (CO 24-12)
These publications are booklists and other patron assistance guides created by library staff members. They are used to aid library patrons in locating library materials and to assist in using the library. The information contained in these publications vary but all include the library name and location.
Retention: Retain until administrative need ends and then transfer significant publications to the State Archives with authority to weed. (Approved 12/1993)


Also the following county general retention schedule will be overwritten by the updated Vital Records general schedule.

Updated schedule:

Vital Records (CO 14-42)
These records document “birth, death, fetal death, marriage, divorce, dissolution of marriage, or annulment.” (Utah Code 26-2-2(20)(2014)) Documents may include registered certification or reports, applications, official registers and other similar records.
Retention: Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives. (Approved 02/2015)

Schedule to be replaced:

Birth Certificates (CO 25-3)
These certificates document all live births in the State of Utah in compliance with Utah Code 26-2-5 (1995). In 1905, a state registry system of vital statistics was established at the State Health Department with local registrars. All certificates created prior to 1905 are only maintained at the local level and prior to 1978 some local registrars may not have reported all births to the State Health Department. Since 1978, all certificates maintained at the local level are duplicate certificates maintained by the State Health Department. The information recorded includes the child’s name, place of birth, date of birth, sex, and if child part of multiple birth; the parents’ name, race, age, birthplace, occupation, and marital status; a record of children previously born to the mother; the length of the pregnancy; the child’s weight and length at birth; the date of the serological test; and a description of any congenital malformations or birth injuries.
Retention: Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives. (Approved 12/1992)