The Nuts and Bolts of Records Management

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The class materials for the Records and Information Management (RIM) Conference on September 11, 2018, are now available on the Utah State Archives website:

The following are highlights from this year’s RIM Conference:

  • Practical tips and solutions for your RIM program
  • Implementing the General Retention Schedules (GRS) and your agency policy
  • Email management practices
  • Managing electronic records and ungoverned data
  • Information Governance (IG): cleaning, organizing, and migrating information
  • Remediation framework to IG: bringing order to information
  • Anticipating challenges and opportunities in managing ungoverned data
  • Developing social media policies and safeguards
  • Best social media practices in creating internal and external policies
  • New organizational structure at the Utah State Archives RIM services
  • Records inventory: collecting data about your records
  • Steps for successful inventory
  • Designing a survey: record surveying strategy
  • Understanding records life-cycle
  • Changing your perceptions about Records and Information Management
  • Selling the importance of RIM to your organization

These are the video recordings of 2018 RIM Conference:

  • Renée Wilson: “Do This, Not That: Taking a Practical Approach to Records Management”
  • Bennett Borden: “RIM in the Information Age”
  • Lisa Catano: “The State Records Center 411″
  • Dan Metcalf: “Don’t Tweet That! Developing Social Media Policy and Safeguards”
  • Kendra Yates: “It’s 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Records Are?”
  • Tracy Hansen: “Selling the importance of RIM to co-workers”

Presentation slides are found on our website at:

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