Handwritten text from a record.

New Finding Aids at the Archives: December 2020

Gina Strack Finding Aids

Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here are the newest ones created during December 2020: Inventory of Field Notes of the Survey of Highways from Carbon County (Utah). County Clerk, 1894-1909. Inventory of Rockport State Park photographs from Department of Natural Resources. Division of Parks and Recreation. Northern Region, ca. 1970-2000 Inventory of Naturalization index cards …

New Digital Collection: Beaver County (Fifth District) Court case index

Gina Strack Digital Archives, News and Events

When the Utah State Archives transferred a court case index record book from the Fifth District Court in Beaver County for microfilming and permanent storage, we actually left the court without a familiar means to look up case files by name. Now everyone can view the index books online as part of the Utah State Archives Digital Collections. The surnames, …