Now YOU can transcribe Utah history!

Lauren Katz

Have you ever wondered how records get indexed and pages get transcribed? The truth is, it is a big job and we could use your help!  We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with an online tool called FromThePage. FromThePage is online software for transcribing documents and collaborating on transcriptions with others. You can transcribe anytime, anywhere! All …

It’s Election Day

Rae Gifford

Did you vote today? Have you voted in the past? Utah has a long voting history at both the national and local level.

Utah Archives Month 2015

Jim Kichas

October was an extremely busy month at the Utah State Archives, filled with conferences, workshops, and events celebrating Utah Archives Month 2015. The Utah State Archives was one of many repositories around the state who developed special programming to publicize the vital role archives and special collection repositories play in preserving our shared cultural record for future access and use. Perhaps the most …